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Management Advisory

Non Food
  • We have had an over 6 month’s engagement with a North Indian company involved in contract manufacture and packaging. The work involved development of an FMCG launch strategy including product development, packaging, advertising and setting up of a distribution system leading upto a market launch.
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic study covering Branding, Promotion and Distribution conducted for Sri Lanka’s second largest Personal Care Company with a view to accelerating market share growth.
  • 40-year-old OTC Pharmaceuticals Company based in Delhi who wishes to enter the FMCG market. The work has involved development of FMCG brands and setting up of a new division. A business plan has been evolved and key personnel recruited. The scope of YFactor’s engagement was widened to include the OTC Business. A full Diagnostic study covering all aspects of the company’s working has been conducted and a strategic plan has been formulated.
  • Market Entry Strategy for a Kolkata based group who want to enter the home care market in East India..
  • Revamp of ‘Go to Market’ Strategy for a leading paper manufacturer covering all aspects of Brand Architecture, Distribution System and Organization Structure. The study has been followed by evaluation of the attractiveness of the Stationery business for the same company. At present, we are engaged in implementation of a pilot project for a new Key Accounts system for Delhi and Bangalore to be rolled out nationally thereafter.
  • YFactor is involved with distribution strategy development for a major Ayurvedic medicines manufacturer. The project involves evaluation and recommendations for their direct dealer programme followed by implementation. It includes restructuring of marketing strategy; sales personnel contact and development of an IT based information system.
  • YFactor has been appointed to revamp the full ‘Go to Market’ strategy for India’s leading manufacturer of Automobile Fluids. The project encompasses a relook at the product line up, distribution system, organisation structure and advertising and sales promotion.
  • Market Mapping study and recommendations on a market entry strategy for a manufacturer of industrial plastic products who wishes to enter the consumer plastics area. The study encompassed market visits in 12 cities, desk research of key international markets and discussions with trade.
  • YFactor is advising a major importer and distributor of FMCG ingredients who wishes to enter the premium personal care market. Market Research and Brand Development in underway and a test market is to follow.
  • Business Planning and revamp of operations for the B to C Business of a Cables and Wires Company
Packaged Food
  • We were engaged with a well-established Mumbai based contract manufacturing organisation that is negotiating a JV with a leading Italian packaged foods company. YFactor has been involved in Business Planning and all aspects of structuring the JV.
  • India’s largest wheat milling business that has also diversified into snack foods. YFactor has been involved in organisation structure and recruitment. We are also advising the company on the optimum distribution system to be followed for wheat products.
  • North India based company involved in innovative potato based ready to cook products. The company is already well represented in the institutional segment and is looking for growth and acceptance in the consumer market.
  • New Product Development, marketing and distribution set up for a well-established dairy company based in Delhi. The first product (flavoured milk) was launched in May 2013. An entry into branded pouched milk has been accomplished in March 2014.
  • New Product Development, marketing and distribution set up for a well-established dairy company based in Delhi. The first product (flavoured milk) was launched in May 2013. An entry into branded pouched milk has been accomplished in March 2014.
  • India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of honey who intends to launch a brand in the domestic market.
  • Advise on Business Planning and Marketing for a milk collection business based in Bangalore that wishes to enter the consumer space. Milk in various packaging options – Tetrapack, Finopack and Poly Pouches has been launched in Bangalore.
  • Involved with a health based breakfast cereals company to restructure their operations.
  • Operational efficiency improvement for a Delhi based catering company.
  • Set up of operations for a Hyderabad based dairy who wish to launch premium, organic cow’s milk. The product has been launched in May 2014.
  • YFactor has been involved with preparing a Business Case for launch of nutrition products for a large MNC in India. There is a strong focus on the rural areas as well on the urban poor. Follow on projects include Business Planning with multiple partners and demand forecasting for specific nutrition products.


YFactor has been advising a US based company who are involved in setting up a path breaking rural distribution network in India. The pilot project has been set up in Jaipur, Rajasthan and the company is now engaged in rolling out after raising funds. The company uses an innovative cell phone interface for booking orders from rural retailers.

Specific solutions for different requirements have been crafted in the following areas:

  • OTC distribution through Chemist outlets for a leading brand of painkillers.
  • Innovative distribution strategy for a wheat milling company who need to differentiate between institutional and retail buyers.
Sales Training

YFactor has entered into an association with Learning Facilitators for customised Sales Training solutions for their clients. Programmes have been successfully implemented with one of Sri Lanka's largest packaged foods businesses and a large Personal Care company.

India Entry

YFactor is associated with Amritt Inc. for providing India Entry services to US companies. Some examples of the work we have done include:

  • Technology partnership structured for a $5Bn US based MNC with an Indian FMCG company for product development
  • Product and Brand Market Research for Jamaica based Foods Company interested in entering the Indian Market
  • Market mapping for a US based outdoor furniture company who is exploring a market entry into India
  • Techno-commercial feasibility for a US based Personal Care Company who wanted to set up a manufacturing facility in India.
  • Marketing strategy formulation and search for suitable distribution channel partners for a leading US based Vitamin supplements and Omega 3 Company.
  • Location of suitable contract manufacturers for a US based company who wish to manufacture and market OTC and Personal Care products in India. Production trials have commenced with the objective of producing for the Latin American markets.
  • Market Study for a US based Bakery Company who wish to test their products with Indian consumers and retailers
  • Landscape study of the Indian market for a US based food and vitamin supplement company. 5 key categories are being covered to estimate market size and business potential.
  • Identification of channel partners and evolution of a Go to Market strategy for a leading US based furniture manufacturer.
  • Landscape study for Homeopathic OTC and Consumer Focus Groups for a well-known US based Homeopathic Medicines company.

We have advised a UK based company on a Go to Market strategy for a break through hand sanitation project. Regulatory matters have been reviewed. The promoters are now in the process of raising funds.

We have worked with the world’s leading sports nutrition company to help them restructure their Indian Distribution system and Marketing Strategy. The project has now been extended to evaluate local manufacturing. Potential Contract Manufacturers have been identified and a detailed technical audit has been conducted.


Indian FMCG SME sector fully mapped from an M&A/PE Infusion perspective.

A body of work has been created with respect to creating a category and company attractiveness matrix from an investment perspective. Some examples of specific investigations are in the areas of:

  • Snack Foods
  • Male Grooming
  • Multi level marketing - focused on OTC